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  • Sky River Rock Festival makes changes
    The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair revival is still set for this month but with a few edits to the schedule.
  • ‘Atomic Blonde’ bound to blow up
    “Atomic Blonde” is the most recent film in a growing trend where stuntmen work behind the camera as opposed to in front. This time it’s David Leitch, a longtime (and well-respected) stunt double and fight choreographer.
  • Monroe High's 'Little Women' receives award nominations
    Monroe High School cast members and the orchestra in this year’s production of “Little Women: The Musical” are being recognized for their theatrics.
  • ‘Baywatch’ a fun run on the beach, not much else
    It was inevitable that the red-suited rompers crossed over given the unprecedented global success of the show. Grossing hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a decade, the brand had been shelved as of late, but it’s back, and you can expect more if Paramount wants to continue making money.
  • 'Logan' a proper sendoff
    At well over two hours, “Logan” is a deliberate and painfully slow burn; a grim and gritty swan song for the Wolverine. It’s a fitting farewell for one of the most beloved and complex superheroes in the Marvel lineup.
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