Apparently the Sultan High School track is in need of repair and the Sultan School Board is about to contract for the re-surfacing at a cost of approximately $250,000.00 for a brick red or black surface.  Some individuals decided that it might be a good for school spirit to have the tack in blue, the Turk color.  This change in color would cost an additional, approximately, $25,000.00.  The School District has a survey out to test the idea among community members who, of course, will be paying the bill.  Personally I feel that this is another un-necessary extravagance, similar to the millions of our dollars that was proposed as Bond issue for a Performing Arts Center a while back.  A blue, instead of a black or red track will NOT better educate our children.  However, the real problem here is that not everyone, especially those who own property and will ultimately pay the bill, are aware that the School District has this issue on the table and that there is a survey being conducted.  It is really too bad that our citizenry is not better informed of these issues that continue to inflate our cost of living, especially those retirees on fixed incomes.  Fixed income means fixed, as in no additional monies for inflationary costs to live.

Kay George,