No students were on board a Sultan School District bus that was sideswiped by an SUV around 6:30 a.m. Monday, Jan. 23.

School district office manager Cyd Leahy said the bus driver was uninjured. She posted information online as soon as the school district received notice of the collision, so parents would know none of their students had been involved, she said.

“The bus was headed east on Highway 2, and a car pulled out of Walburn Road as the bus was passing and just basically sideswiped right into the bus,” Leahy said. “Just hit the bus on the side.”

The bus remained operable, but will be out of commission for around two months because of the damages sustained on the driver's side, Leahy said. No routes will be affected while the damaged bus is repaired, as a backup bus is available, she said.