Tee is one of the good guys. He’s sweet, silly and snuggly, wishing only to please those around him.

He is an older guy, who would just as soon nap in a warm bed all day as he would go for a walk or play outside with his family. Tee is blind, but you wouldn’t know it at first. He is adaptable, smart and quickly became well-adjusted to his home at the sanctuary. Being blind can be confusing for him when he meets new people, but once he recognizes you, you are his friend for life.

Tee wants nothing more than to have a home of his own. He spent most of his life on a chain and he doesn’t need much to be happy. Just a warm place to stay, a good meal and a consistent, loving owner.

An ideal home life would include a fenced backyard, so he can play and explore in a familiar environment. Due to his blindness, a home without small dogs, cats or kids would also be preferred, so Tee can feel comfortable in a calm and predictable household.

If you would like to learn more about adoption or foster, go to PasadoSafeHaven.org/Adopt and fill out an adoption questionnaire, email adoption@pasadosafehaven.org or call our adoption coordinator at 360-793-9393, ext. 110.