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  • Fast  and the  terrible
    The eighth film in the shockingly successful franchise has arrived, and unfortunately there is no end in sight. The eight films have grossed just under $4 billion worldwide, with production budgets totaling just over one billion (the-numbers.com). It’s a no-brainer from the studio perspective, but I find myself wondering, what is it about this franchise that keeps people coming back time and time again?
  • ‘Life’ a sci-fi must watch
    One thing that makes a sci-fi film great is the realism it can provide. If the future is not so dystopian, or if the technology is not so far off. “Life” captures that framework nicely, establishing a setting that we could imagine possible.
  • Kong is blockbuster royalty
    The iconic chest-thumping beast is back, and bigger than ever. Warner Bros. has been retelling the King Kong legend for decades, and in what is rumored to be the setup for the Godzilla/King Kong showdown, we have a 100-foot- tall, sometimes disproportionately represented gorilla, ready for his close-up.
  • 'Get Out' a brilliant balance of horror, racism study
    Jordan Peele, of “Key and Peele” fame, throws his hat in the ring as writer/director of a new breed of horror, and it’s fantastic. Imagine if “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” was thrown in the ring with “Cabin in the Woods” and “The Stepford Wives,” and they had a tussle. What emerges is a delightful film that reiterates some of the darkest thoughts and fears that Americans hold inside for fear that those around us will think we are, gasp, racist.
  • The community totem pole project originally planned for Gold Bar is still moving forward, but the final placement and design remain undecided.
  • John Wick fights for legendary
    Legendary film characters just happen; they can’t be forced. In 2014, we were introduced to John Wick, the boogeyman of hitmen at the twilight of his career, his reputation preceding him wherever he goes, inspiring trepidation in all he encounters. 
  • Adam’s 2017 movies to watch
    2017 holds some promise, but also will devour the movie-going audience’s money by putting out sequels, reboots and recycled material galore. I’ll break some of the more anticipated films down into four distinct categories, and hopefully it will help you navigate the convoluted path of how to spend your hard-earned money on movie night.
  • ‘Hidden Figures’ adds  history, entertainment
    Based on the remarkable true story about the space race in the 1960s, “Hidden Figures” is a clever double entendre, referring to the complex and cutting edge mathematics as well as the unsung heroes who helped put the first American rockets into space. 
  • ‘A Monster Calls’ for Kleenex
    Are you in need of a good cry? Apparently I was; a bawling, blubbering mess of a man sitting by himself in a dark theater. Embarrassing as it may be, it was also an extremely cathartic and refreshing experience.
  • Swifts a permanent fixture in Monroe
    Some might call 2016 the year of the Vaux’s swifts, as the graceful migratory winged creatures became Monroe’s official city bird. The theme is being carried over into 2017, as the city ushers in the new year with a sculpture to honor the petite birds and their swirling flight. 
  • ‘Passengers has space, no chemistry
    Ill timed, but well intentioned is the first thing I have to say about the long-awaited sci-fi film, “Passengers.”
  • ‘Rogue One’ brings action, respects  canon
    The highly anticipated standalone to the beloved franchise has arrived. Brilliantly planned, this film is the second in a six-year sequence of Christmas openings, with Episode VIII in 2017, the Han Solo origin in 2018, Episode IX in 2019, and a yet undetermined film in 2020. I’m no seer, but I don’t think that will be the end of the Star Wars Extended Universe.
  • Oscar nods to surface for ‘Manchester by the Sea’
    Once in a while a film comes along that reminds you just why you go to the movies in the first place. None too often does something this utterly heart wrenching and beautiful unfold in front of your eyes. It’s an immersive tale so simply done, but so complex in emotional range.
  • ‘Fantastic Beasts’ bites off a long story
    In your local theaters — that’s where you can find them. The Fantastic Beasts. For a film that tends to live more in the realm of mediocre, the beasts are not just fantastic, they are spectacular. They are magnificent and awe-inspiring. They are the whole reason this film exists, except of course to make money and set the table for what’s to come.
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