The Monroe City Council will hold further discussion on term limits, based on a request made by Councilmember Kevin Hanford last week.

The council held its second and final public hearing on term limits during the council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6, after which a motion to repeal the city’s eight-year term limit was failed in a 4-1 vote. During the council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 13, Hanford said he wanted to have further discussion on the matter with the full council present. During discussion on Dec. 6, both he and Councilmember Jason Gamble were missing. 

“I was absent that night and would have loved to have been part of the discussion on term limits,” Hanford said. “I know Councilmember Gamble was absent as well, so I’d like to add that back on the agenda to discuss with the whole council sometime in January.”

Councilmember Jim Kamp requested that additional information regarding term limits at the county level be presented by the city to help inform the discussion. The discussion on term limits is slated for Tuesday, Jan. 17, at Monroe City Hall.