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  • New Sultan administrator settling in

    Sultan’s new city administrator is former Duvall mayor Will Ibershof. Mayor John Seehuus made the appointment, and the Sultan City Council unanimously approved his hiring on Aug. 9.

  • Sultan’s city administrator settlement

    Sultan’s former city administrator Ken Walker stepped down earlier this year, after Mayor John Seehuus called for an investigation into his professional conduct.

  • Police investigating pipe bomb found in Al Borlin Park
    The Monroe Police Department is investigating whether a pipe bomb found in Al Borlin Park on Monday may be related to a domestic assault that ended in a car crash there over the weekend.
  • Monroe considers parks bond, partnerships

    The City of Monroe is looking into taking a bond out to support its parks. The Monroe City Council will be asked to adopt policy that starts the process during an upcoming meeting. The council will need to approve a resolution that reinforces the intent to collaborate with two other agencies.

  • Police: Monroe teen killed in September train collision committed suicide
    The Monroe Police Department has concluded its investigation of a fatal train-versus-pedestrian collision that occurred on Sept. 14.
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  • Man faces felony charges after vehicle crashes at Al Borlin Park

    A 30-year-old homeless man alleged to have intentionally crashed his Subaru into concrete dividers at Al Borlin Park, seriously injuring his girlfriend on Saturday, Oct. 6, is facing three felony domestic violence charges in the Everett Division of Snohomish County District Court.

  • Monroe brewery raising funds for pancreatic cancer

    The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation will put on the third annual Pints 4 Purple fundraiser this year, and Monroe is one of the few locations in the country with a participating business. Dreadnought Brewing is also the first, and so far only, location in Washington.

  • Boy Scouts boosting reach

    Dan’l Adams hopes to usher close to 100 more youth into the Boy Scouts of America community throughout the upcoming year.
    The Khlahaya District, which spans from Lake Stevens to Skykomish, already serves more than 1,000 boys and girls, but he thinks the goal is achievable. 

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