After serving 24 years as a Judge on the Superior Court, this year I have decided not to seek reelection.  I have asked Cindy Larsen to file for election to the Superior Court because she has demonstrated the legal skill, dedication, work ethic, and demeanor necessary to serve our citizens as a Superior Court Judge.

Ms. Larsen is exceptional, both as a person of integrity and an attorney. She has a broad base of experience, with over 50 felony jury trials, including homicide, robbery, and child sexual abuse, some taking multiple weeks to complete.  She has supervised the Prosecutor’s Juvenile Court unit and has been responsible for Snohomish County’s involuntary mental illness commitments. Ms. Larsen also has several years’ experience in the Prosecutor’s Office Civil Division, advising county officials, litigating employment matters, and representing Snohomish County’s interests in Federal Court.  She has demonstrated leadership and has significantly more Superior Court trial and courtroom experience than her opponent.  Judges must have a clear and cogent understanding of proper courtroom procedure and the rules of evidence and be able to instantly apply them in trials.

Ms. Larsen has been a dedicated hard working public servant for the last 20 years.  She has earned the respect of colleagues, judges, governmental leaders, and law enforcement.  She is widely endorsed by all of the above. I urge you to join me and vote for Cindy Larsen to serve as your next Superior Court Judge.

Thomas J. Wynne,  
Superior Court Judge