X-rays show a pellet still lodged in the eagle's abdomen.
X-rays show a pellet still lodged in the eagle's abdomen.

The Sarvey Wildlife Care Center is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the prosecution of the person who fatally shot a bald eagle in Snohomish on Wednesday morning.

The animal rescue and rehabilitation center reports it received a call from someone stating they heard shots fired and then saw a bald eagle fall to the ground around 11:30 a.m. Jan. 17 near Roosevelt Road and U.S. Highway 2.

Sarvey staff responded and took the young bald eagle back to the rescue’s facility, where one pellet was discovered still embedded in the animal’s abdomen, according to a news release, while other shot had passed through its body and near the spine.

“The prognosis at intake was poor. There was blood in the airway, little to no pain response in the legs, and no cloacal response,” the release states. “The right ankle was also badly dislocated, likely from the long, hard fall to the ground after the shooting. He was stabilized and treated for the injuries, but sadly, the eagle died overnight, due to internal damage.”

Bald and golden eagles are federally protected, and the penalty for killing one can be up to $5,000 and a year in prison.

This bald eagle had been born just last year.

The Sarvey Wildlife Care Center is encouraging anyone with information regarding this illegal shooting to provide tips to either the United States Fish and Wildlife Service or Washington Department of Fish and Game at 425-883-8122, ext. 222, or 260-902-2928, respectively.