The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office is investigating a series of burglaries and attempted burglaries Gold Bar homeowners have been calling in since early November.

Police Chief Dave Casey said the crimes have similarities, but there is not enough evidence yet to link them to the same person or support an arrest. Registered sex offender Brett Card is a suspect in one that took place just outside city limits in December, he said.

An 18-year-old was in the home when the 26-year-old, also known in the community as “Wildcard,” entered, Casey said; the house was not secured at the time. Card fled once he figured out he wasn't alone, he said. Casey said an arrest warrant is out for his escape from community custody.

Card served 30 days in jail for failing to register as a sex offender in October, according to the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. He was convicted of third-degree child rape in 2015, which in Washington is when a person has sex with someone at least two years younger who is between the ages of 14 and 16 years old.

Card was sentenced to 27 months of confinement and 36 months of community custody, according to the attorney's office.

Casey said Card tends to alter his appearance regularly. The changes, such as wearing thick glasses or a wig, can make it hard to identify him. He may have also retreated from another home in December after startling a homeowner, but it is still uncertain if it was actually Card, he said.

The suspect did not act violently during either counter, Casey said. He still advises not to approach Card. It is unclear how he would react if confronted, as “no one tried to block or stop him either,” he said.

Casey said the first burglaries were reported in early November. There was a period where no calls were received, and then they started rolling in again in December. At first they occurred in town, mostly on First Street and May Creek Road. The crimes have spread out since then, including outside city limits, and not confined to any particular corridor, he said.

“Jewelry and cash seem to be the most common items being taken,” Casey said. “Not big stuff; small stuff that can be carried.”

The police chief said it’s unknown if any firearms have been stolen.

He said the person or people have been forcibly breaking into the homes. For that reason there is not much homeowners can do to stop the crimes other than keep a look out and call in anything suspicious. It was deduced a suspect had to have jumped a fence in order to get to one of the homes, he said.

Activity like that — such as someone crossing a neighbor's yard — should be considered urgent, Casey said. In those cases the public should contact 911, or if a witness is sure they are looking at Card, he said.

Casey said to call the sheriff's office nonemergency line otherwise; someone riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is not necessarily considered suspicious, he said. That number is 360-793-1051.

“Just talk to your neighbors,” Casey said. Keep an eye out for one another, he advised.