A 47-year-old woman walking in Al Borlin Park on Wednesday morning reported to Monroe Police being struck from behind and sexually attacked after falling to the ground.

Officers responded to EvergreenHealth Monroe late Wednesday morning to speak with the alleged victim, who reported being attacked near the river between 9-10 a.m. on Oct. 3.

She described the assailant as a white man in his mid-30s, with medium-length dirty blonde (almost brown), wavy hair, dark facial hair — maybe three days since his last shave — and wearing a dark green, “medium weight” jacket, with a “distinct red design or pattern near the collar area of the left shoulder and dirty, dark sweatpants,” according to a police news release.

Officers were unable to locate the suspect during a search of the park later that day.

The agency asks that anyone with information about the incident call 360-794-6300, or anonymous tips can be left at 360-863-4600.

Monroe Police arrested a sex offender in Al Borlin Park in late June, who was wanted for failing to register. Earlier that month a 15-year-old girl walking by the water in the park reported catching an older man watching her and masturbating.

Al Borlin is Monroe's largest park, spanning 90 acres. It parallels the Skykomish River in the southeastern corner of town. Visitors can access the park by Simons Road from the northeast, or walking in from Lewis Street Park, off South Lewis Street, from the southwest.