Steven Patrick Lewis, born December 29th 1959, died on September 4th 2020 after open heart surgery. His daughters Miramonee Harrington and Tianna Lewis were with him as he passed.

He left too soon, we were not ready. Though we will miss him everyday, we will always be grateful for the time we had. He was a super fun dad, a great conversationalist, the life of the party, and a ridiculous human being. He would laugh at that, with his ridiculously loud laugh.

His good friend, Tyler Johnson, wrote this poem about him a couple of years ago, it seems a fitting tribute:

Old age and wisdom
is his creed and cry
As doctors and technicians
he’ll continually defy

Ornery and crotchety
when over the phone
Yet caring and kind
when in the same home

A lover of water
the tables the green
A magician with tools
artwork from a beam

Loyalty to the T
never afraid of a fight
Backing true friends if knowing they’re right
A best friend to me
these past six years
Teaching me always
and always open ears

Whether to dado a board
or put on a roof
Off of death’s door
he comes with a poof

Not willing for money

Not willing for fame

For friendship and caring
pays him just the same

We are planning a memorial for the spring. If you are interested in joining you can reach us at: