Graphic by Element5 via Unsplash
Graphic by Element5 via Unsplash
Although results are unofficial, former Vice President Joe Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris are leading over sitting President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in Washington state after Tuesday night.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has all but secured his third term and has declared a win over Republican challenger Loren Culp.

In Congressional District 1, incumbent Suzan DelBene is leading over challenger Jeffrey Beeler and will likely keep her seat, based on Tuesday results.

In the Legislative District 39 races, incumbent state Sen. Keith L. Wagoner will defeat challenger Kathryn A. Lewandowsky based on Tuesday night results. State Rep. Robert J. Sutherland, the incumbent for position 1, is leading over challenger Claus Joens. In position 2, incumbent state Rep. Carolyn Eslick has all but sealed the victory over challenger Ryan Johnson.

Unofficial results, Nov. 3 2020
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President (Statewide only)
Joseph Biden/Kamala Harris 2,023,498 votes, 60.1 percent
Donald Trump/Michael Pence 1,221,263, 36.64 percent

U.S. Congressional District 1
Congressional District 1 U.S. Representative (statewide results)
(D) Suzan DelBene 217,973 votes, 60.6 percent
(R) Jeffrey Beeler Sr. 141,349, 39.3 percent

Governor (statewide)
(D) Jay Inslee 1,964,141 votes, 59.3 percent
(R) Loren Culp 1,338,491, 40.41 percent

Lieutenant Governor
(D) Denny Heck 1,403,784 votes, 47.21 percent
(D) Marko Liias 1,002,737, 33.72 percent

Secretary of State
(R) Kim Wyman 1,676,482 votes, 51.8 percent
(D) Gael Tarleton 1,556,675, 48.1 percent

State Treasurer
(D) Mike Pellicciotti 1,783,558 votes, 55.55 percent
(R) Duane A. Davidson 1,424,877, 44.37 percent

State Auditor
(D) Pat (Patrice) McCarthy 1,935,055 votes, 60.39 percent
(R) Chris Leyba 1,266,600, 39.53 percent

State Attorney General
(D) Bob Ferguson 1,905,696 votes, 58.81 percent
(R) Matt Larkin 1,331,547, 41.09 percent

Commissioner of Public Lands
(D) Hilary Franz 1,893,186 votes, 59.03 percent
(R) Sue Kuehl Pederson 1,311,303, 40.88 percent

Superintendent of Public Instruction (Non-partisan)
Chris Reykdal 1,672,419 votes, 56.68 percent
Maia Espinoza 1,263,571, 42.83 percent

Insurance Commissioner
(D) Mike Kreidler 2,131,006 votes, 67.57 percent
(R) Chirayu Avinash 1,009,404, 31.01 percent


Legislative District 39 State Senator
(R) Keith L. Wagoner 39,137 votes, 63.58 percent
(WA Progressive Party) Kathryn A. Lewandowsky 22,332, 36.28 percent

Legislative District 39 State Representative Position 1
(R) Robert J. Sutherland 32,033, 57.63 percent
(D) Claus Joens 26,432, 42.28 percent

Legislative District 39 State Representative Position 2
(R) Carolyn Eslick 38,136, 61.09 percent
(D) Ryan Johnson 24,242, 38.83 percent

State Supreme Court Justice Position 3
Raquel Montoya-Lewis 1,742,484 votes, 59.7 percent
Dave Larson 1,165,044, 39.91 percent

State Supreme Court Justice Position 6
G. Helen Whitener 1,914,688 votes, 67.57 percent
Richard S. Serns 902,996, 31.87 percent

Snohomish Superior Court Judge Position 8
Cassandra Lopez Shaw 181,208 votes, 55.79 percent
Robert Grant 142,245, 43.79 percent

Referendum No. 90: Requiring comprehensive sexual health education that is consistent with the Washington State health and physical education K-12 learning standards and that requires affirmative consent curriculum:
Yes 1,921,700 votes, 59.59 percent
No 1,303,367, 40.41 percent